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Submitted By: Mike Mooslin
Subject: Notes from Sunday School Class 1/29
Notes from Sunday School Class 1/29

The neophyte is inclined to be too fast or too slow: he works somewhat in the dark; and, sometimes out of season, he would replenish his lamp at the midnight hour and borrow oil of the more provident watcher. God is the fountain of light, and He illumines one's way when one is obedient. The disobedient make their moves before God makes His, or make them too late to follow Him. Be sure that God directs your way; then, hasten to follow under every circumstance. Mis 117:23

Excerpts from MBE Letter to Adam Dickey

The place you seek is seeking you, the place you need is needing you.
We cannot change environment. We can only change our sense of environment and we can never do this in any way but through the elevation of our own thought about things. God is the only environment. We have to clear our own vision, sweep away the rubbish of fear, impatience, and a false estimate of our fellow man and know that the one Mind shines through and governs all.
God alone directs and outlines. You do not know whether it is right to stay here or to go there except as the steps are put before you day by day. Even if your desires are in line with progress, you must surrender all human will. There must be no personal sense, no material planning, no expression of such falsehood. All is patience, calm obedience, because God is all-in-all, and God is everywhere. All is quiet, loving, scientific, harmony. God is right where you are. Stand still and lift your vision.
You do not have to plan or think how, when, or where. That is God’s business. Your business is to carefully reflect, listen and obey when the call comes. The Divine will is always clearly calling to US and telling us of the will of the Father. But we are so bent on having our own way and “doing things” instead of knowing they are already done, that half the time we do not know what God is saying. God’s will will be intelligently expressed and will intelligently meet your need by destroying your sense of fear. You really have no needs for you are complete in God.
Dwelling in this consciousness will bring into human experience that which we need, whether it be a home or any good thing, because this state of consciousness excludes everything wrong, such as mortal verdicts of overcrowded conditions, no good places, fear, indecision, lack, etc. and renders them null and void, and then the facts being on the right side, you find your need supplied. Just refuse to accept man-made verdicts as your own opinions or thinking.
Make a place for God in your thinking and acting, and your place in human experience will be manifested.

23rd Psalm refers to death, rest, enemies and therefore the writer (David) is an adult and probably write this in his darkest hour when his son, Absolom, rebelled against his father to overthrow him and kill him. It was then he turned to God in prayer. The healing this week about the son of the widow form Nain was also her darkest hour, yet Jesus did not accept death but Life as all.
Don’t limit yourself in any direction. Get your thought right with God and the rest will fall into place.
Remember the story of the two guides at the Y. One tells lies and one tells the truth. One road leads to death and one to Life. Ask one question and ask it of either guide. Based on the answer you get which road will you choose? The question is, “What will the other guide say when I ask him the road to Life. The liar will tell you what the truthful guide will say but lie about it and thus tell you the wrong road. The truthful guide will tell you what the liar will say and again you will have the wrong road. Thus, either way, take the opposite road. When human will and material manipulation are included in your reasoning you will always have the wrong answer.

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