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Submitted By: Mike Mooslin
Subject: "That's My Church"
'That's my church!'
By Teddy Crecelius
July 10, 2012 - What Membership in The Mother Church means to me
For two years between college and graduate school, I had the privilege of working part time as a tour guide at The Mother Church. I showed the Church buildings in Boston to visitors and answered questions. The experience caused me to think a great deal about what I valued in my own Church membership.
Most on the tours had little or no previous exposure to Christian Science. At first, I worried that the public would not appreciate the Church of Christ, Scientist, if they saw how it was different from other churches and institutions that they already knew and respected. I soon realized that the uniqueness of this denomination was actually refreshing to the open-minded public. To me, the way in which visitors were able to relate to the content of the tour indicated the universal sense of fellowship that Christian Science cultivates. For a Christian Scientist, the Church community does not refer to a special club or social network; it is really just another term for the whole human family, responding to the same, universal, healing Love.
Let me give an example of the deep sense of fellowship I’m gaining as a member of The Mother Church. I recently stayed with some good friends who are not Christian Scientists. As I sat in one room studying the Christian Science Bible Lesson, I thought about the fresh and new spiritual views I was gaining from my reading—views I assumed were completely unnoticed and inconsequential to my friends in the next room. I suddenly felt that we might as well be in different countries; our mental outlooks on life seemed so completely different.
But then I began to note our shared attraction to certain qualities (such as kindness and integrity) that result from our expressing the same divine Mind. With the same divine Parent, Mind, we cannot be mentally distant, but must always be near one another in Love. Christian Science teaches us that we all have the Mind of Christ, and the higher we climb in Spirit, Mind, the more at one we will feel.
With this refreshing view in thought, why shouldn’t I be eager to point to any Christian Science branch church around the world and say, “That’s my church!”? Instead of worrying about whether my religious affiliation sounds “mainstream” enough to others, I can expect them to respond to this same sense of spiritual unity, and appreciate the uniqueness of what this Church has to offer to the world.
—Teddy Crecelius, Newton, Massachusetts/US

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