Some thoughts re: Explaining Christian Science to your friends!-(nothing official)

Keep it simple. Christian Science is not complicated. I have found it helpful to remember the following:

• We are Christians. We believe in God, in prayer, the Golden Rule and the Beatitudes.

• We believe we are saved through Christ.

• We believe in baptism, communion, the emaculate conception and the resurrection although we don't celebrate these concepts through physical rituals.

• We are a Bible based religion and use the King James Version of the Bible.

• We are not fundamentalists and we don't take the Bible literally. We "take the inspired word of the Bible"... since the Bible was written at different times under different situations and translated from different languages.

• We believe man is good and reflects God as Genesis says.

• We turn to God in prayer and believe all things are possible to God.

• We believe God heals “all manner of sickness." Jesus said, "The works that I do shall ye also do".

• We do not believe that Mrs. Eddy is equal to Jesus. She was the Founder of our Church and the author of our textbook.

• Everything we believe is found in the Bible and generally in the new testament.

• We don't believe in the concept of "original sin”.

• We believe Life is infinite.

• We believe that God is all and that God is good, therefore good is all. Thus good's opposite, evil, has no power.

• We believe that Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Soul, Spirit and Principle are synonyms for God and govern mankind spiritually.

• We don't believe that matter or material life correctly states the truth about man. If God is Spirit and spiritual and all, then all is spiritual, not material. The spiritual qualities of life correctly state the truth about man. Physical healing occurs when we see things from this spiritual viewpoint.

In summary, find points upon which to agree not disagree. And always answer the question behind the question. For instance when asked to traditional, "What would you do if" question, followed by some horrific event happening to you, remember that the real question is "Why don't you go to a doctor-instead you do nothing!" The answer is that you do the most effective thing available to solve the problem-that is turning to God. But you would never do nothing or let yourself or anyone else die. And you could use first aid but you would call it second aid-you would turn to God first!

Also don't be timid about inviting your friends to come to Sunday School and ask their questions. They will feel at home and have fun-I promise.

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