1/2/00 Choosing a College

Sunday School Notes and References, December 26, 1999
Choosing a College

Like choosing anything else, choosing a college is done one of two ways. You can go through the human process of selection based on what you hear, read, and see or through what you are inspired to do. Human footsteps can either be inspired or materially reasoned. Which shall it be? If the material reasoning is to guide you then consider school rivalries, alma maters, school size, geography, conditions of the dorms, etc. Within each of those sub categories start making your decisions based on the opinions of others. If spiritual inspiration is to guide your human footsteps then none of that comes into play-not yet anyway.

When thought is spiritually uplifted then your viewpoint sees new things. Who are the best thinkers, where can I best express my talents, which school comes into my experience after I have really prayed? That may seem to be an unorthodox approach but it is actually quite consistent with “resolving things into thoughts and exchanging the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul.” (S&H 269:15-16)

The idea of attracting things to you rather than seeking, Mrs. Eddy described as “stationary stillness” and it is best described in the following letter she wrote to her secretary, Mr. Irving Tomlinson, when he was elected to serve as Reader of The Mother Church:

My 247:10-30

Beloved Student: — Christ is meekness and Truth enthroned. Put on the robes of Christ, and you will be lifted up and will draw all men unto you. The little fishes in my fountain must have felt me when I stood silently beside it, for they came out in orderly line to the rim where I stood. Then I fed these sweet little thoughts that, not fearing me, sought their food of me.
God has called you to be a fisher of men. It is not a stern but a loving look which brings forth mankind to receive your bestowal, — not so much eloquence as tender persuasion that takes away their fear, for it is Love alone that feeds them.
Do you come to your little flock so filled with divine food that you cast your bread upon the waters? Then be sure that after many or a few days it will return to you.
The little that I have accomplished has all been done through love, — self-forgetful, patient, unfaltering tenderness.

“draw all men unto you”! There it is. Don’t we have the same justification to draw the right college to us?, or the right friend, car, career path? The answer is yes. And look at the phrase that indicates the fishes coming to seek their food of her. Do you see yourself as a leader? You are! It won’t be by eloquence, sex appeal, personality, power or money. Your leadership will be the result of those attracted to your uplifted, inspired thought. They will seek the good you express and you will feed it to them. You have every right to express your inherent goodness in the right classroom with the right professor.

Pe 14:1-2
As our ideas of Deity become more spiritual, we express them by objects more beautiful.

Here again is the answer. You will express your concept of Deity (God) in the perfect college. (A college is an object, isn'’ it?)

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

The good in your life comes to you as a natural attraction called forth by effective prayers and spiritual searching. When you are standing with your back to the light you see a shadow (confusion, opinions, fears, etc). All you are seeing is the impressions you receive when you’re not directly in the light. When you are facing the light there is no obstruction between you and the light (intelligence/inspiration). There is no shadow! Thus, when you turn toward the light you leave the shadow behind (i.e.: “no shadow of turning”).

You deserve to be where the best minds are in the field that you naturally love the most. Don’t settle for anything less. You are first class, so go first class. Be persistent, no compromises. You are not obliged to anyone else in a making this decision. The college you go to is vehicle of expression not the end all goal of your life. God will place you where you can express Him the best. You will bring to your collegiate experience the good that you possess and have “grand and noble lives” as a result.

Have a happy, sober and safe New Year. See you next week.

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