12/12/99 God to the rescue--FINALS

Notes and references for December 12, 1999
God to the Rescue!

For many of you this is “Finals Week”. A physical healing may not seem to relate to final exams but bear with me and I think you will get the point. When I asked you how many of your friends were sick this week, many of you indicated that It “was an epidemic-- everyone was sick”. I shared that the same thing was going on at my business. It seemed to be the talk of the office.

Tuesday, having taken all this in (not guarding my thought) I began to have all the symptoms that everyone was discussing. In fact, that night I got little sleep and could not get out of bed the next morning. I was concerned because the other employees were sick for a week or two. I simply could not accept this claim. After all, I am a Christian Scientist. I tell you each week of how God comes to the rescue of our human condition. Was this just talk? I took my lesson and got right to work, reversing every claim…not just the illness but the thought of contagion and the “herd” mentality of making a reality of the verbal claims of others. I don’t know when I feel asleep but in the morning there was no trace of the problem. Jaws dropped when I showed up for work the next morning, perfect!

Now what does this have to do with finals, getting a job, a part in a play, your health or even a date? Everything! In each of those situations in the past do you remember listening to conversations making certain predictions? Maybe it was how hard the test is going to be or how many people are applying for the job. Did you proceed on the basis of the seed of fear that was planted in your thought or upon the spiritual foundation that gives you the strength or mental sharpness required at the moment?

Remember the court case in Science and Health? The patient feels ill, ruminates, and the trial commences. (430: 19-20) When you take in the seeds of fear verbally expressed by conversations about the body (or the exam) you are submitting to matter. You are ruminating—rehearsing those thoughts over and over again, making them even more real to your thought. When you silently reject those mortal opinions in favor of Truth, Spirit is rescuing you.

Do you feel you are not pure enough to be rescues by God? That, maybe you haven’t earned his care and protecting influence? Wrong! God knows nothing of your material condition. He only knows your perfection and completeness. Look at this passage in the Bible from Luke 12:32:

32 Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

The word is GIVE. It’s free and it’s yours and you never were outside of the kingdom.

One last thought. There was a very famous artist named Beatrice Wood. She lived to be over one hundred. She was once asked what she attributed her success and long life to. She replied, “ Honesty, Compassion and Curiosity.” I love her answer. Wouldn’t we all like to be around someone who was honest, that we could trust; a person who had compassion, truly cared for your best interests; and a person who was curious about things other then themselves-really interested in you? Well, of course. So, shouldn’t we be that person to others. Those three qualities are very closely aligned to three synonyms for God in Christian Science: Life, Truth, and Love. When we express God by being caring, interested and compassionate we are dwelling in the kingdom, we are safe and can avail ourselves of God’s rescuing hand no matter where we are—even in the middle of an exam. Those three qualities are all OUTGOING acts. Therefore, don’t take in opinions and false claims but express to others the love, honesty and interest that you want exhibited toward you.

Read the notes I have put together on the subject of Final Exams attached to this mailing.

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