2/21/99 Healing by Reversal

Healing by Reversal
Citations from Sunday School Class on 2/21/99

 If Spirit and matter are opposites then spiritual logic and material logic are opposites.

S&H 129:7
If you wish to know the spiritual fact, you can discover it by reversing the material fable, be the fable pro or con,--be it in accord with your preconceptions or utterly contrary to them.

 Mrs. Eddy gathers before she sows!

Hymn 304:1 (to ,--)

Shepherd, show me how to go
O’er the hillside steep,
How to gather, how to sow,-...

 From Mrs. Eddy’s Exegesis of Genesis:

S&H 506:15-21
Genesis i. 9. And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

S&H 507:1-6
In metaphor, the dry land illustrates the absolute formations instituted by Mind, while water symbolizes the elements of Mind. Spirit duly feeds and clothes every object, as it appears in the line of spiritual creation, thus tenderly expressing the fatherhood and motherhood of God.

Spirit, God, gathers unformed thoughts into their proper channels, and unfolds these thoughts, even as He opens the petals of a holy purpose in order that the purpose may appear.

Ex 14:21 (Moses went into the water first to find dry land!)

21 And Moses stretched out hishand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and thewaters were divided.

 Other examples of reversal in the textbook:

S&H 125:28
The astronomer will no longer look up to the stars,-- he will look out from them upon the universe; and the florist will find his flower before its seed.

S&H 370:2-5
To be immortal, we must forsake the mortal sense of things, turn from the lie of false No healing
belief to Truth, and gather the facts of being in sin from the divine Mind.

S&H 392:24-27
Reverse the case. Stand porter at the door of thought. Admitting only such conclusions as you wish realized in bodily results, you will control yourself harmoniously.

S&H 397:17
Now reverse the process. Declare that you are not hurt and understand the reason why, and you will find the ensuing good effects to be in exact proportion to your disbelief in physics, ...

 Just a few examples in the Bible of reversing material logic:

Luke 13:11,12
11 And, behold, there was a womanwhich had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bowed together, and could in no wise lift up herself.
12 And when Jesus saw her, he called her to him, and said unto her, Woman, thou art loosed from thine infirmity.

John 11:41 (Thanked God before the healing not after)
41 Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.

Mark 4:37-39 (They tried to bring their storm to Jesus but he
brought them his peace.)
37 And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.
38 And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, Master, carest thou not that we perish?
39 And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

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