The Effects of Christian Science

Notes and References from May 14, 21, 28
The Effects of Christian Science

For the past several weeks we have discussed a variety of human activities in the light of practicing Christian Science. The following sentence sheds light on a significant point in the practice of Christian Science. One key word reveals this point. That word is “effect”. Notice that the sentence does not say the “mission” or “purpose” or “motive of this Science…” but rather the “effect” .

9 The effect of this Science is
to stir the human mind to a change of base, on which it
may yield to the harmony of the divine Mind.

That should tell us that our human thought is stirred and changed as a result of turning to God, As Christian Scientists we don’t will ourselves into a behavioral change. A true change in thought is the effect of this Science. It’s a by-product! The mission of Christian Science is to save the world from sin. (See S&H 150):

Now, as then, signs and wonders are wrought in the metaphysical heal-
ing of physical disease; but these signs are only to demonstrate its divine origin,
— to attest the reality of the higher mission of the Christ-power to take away the
sins of the world.

Turning to Christian Science to make life more convenient, less painful, happier misses the mark and misinterprets the sentence. Our purpose is to glorify good, God in our thought, speech and actions. Christian Science teaches us how to do that and then after we are obedient to this scientific command then the effects of this Science changes forever our thought and brings us into harmony with Mind.

Then and only then does the effect of this Science permeate every aspect of our lives—in the same way that the universe is involuntarily controlled by the “infinite Cosmos of Immortal Mind”.

Always examine your motive. Are you turning to Christian Science to make your life form comfortable? Then you will be disappointed. Turn to Christian Science to glorify God.

As an example, let’s first look at body. Let’s specifically examine sexual conduct, exercise and diet as three very influential topics.

The Vogue Magazines, Ally McBeal, Friends and Boston Publics of the world try to tell you that casual sex is acceptable and even a normal activity among dating high school and college couples. This is not the truth. What is their motive? It’s simple, it sells magazine and gets rating points which sells advertisers. These are the same advertisers that use sex to sell their products in commercials. It is life imitating art and not the opposite. Don’t be fooled. Don’t look in the mirror and see physical inadequacies. Don’t look into your closet and feel you have nothing to wear because you don’t have the clothes on display at Nordstroms.

One thing is true about a real Christian Scientist. You are an independent thinker. You do your own thinking. You are not so dumb as to be mesmerized into immoral behavior to be accepted. You know that glorifying good will have an effect upon you that changes your thought to a change of base and brings harmony (true love and companionship) into your life. And never forget that the quality of your thought determines your experience. The more you work to glorify good, everyday, the more attractive you become to a partner that loves good. What other kind of a partner do you want? You will have plenty of time for a normal active physical relationship after marriage. You will look back and realize you have lost nothing by maintaining the mental condition of virginity (see sanctity of virginity in the textbook). Regardless of past actions you can retain the sanctity of virginity right now as you glorify good, God. Don’t accept the claim that society suffers from the condition of “moral uncertainty”. That is a con on society.

Hymn 253:7
My prayer, some daily good to do
To Thine, for Thee;
An offering pure of Love, whereto
God leadeth me.

Notice in the verse from our Leader’s poem the words “an offering pure of Love”. Pure of Love means without Love. The sentence can’t mean that. It must mean an offering of Love that is totally pure. Glorify good through your pure thought.

This leads us to other activities that makes us look better, sexier, stronger, more attractive – diet and exercise. Is it wrong to diet and work out. You know the answer, it depends on your motive. Are you glorifying God or making your human experience more comfortable or are you declaring your right to be active, stronger than self imposed limits, balanced in your food choices, independent rom the box of Wheat Thins calling to you from the shelf. Being lazy, mindless eating are both addictions that you are freed from when your thought changes its base.

Instead of sex appeal strive to reflect more grace. It is the most attractive quality in the world, and it lasts forever, it shows through at any age.

Don’t turn to Christian Science to run faster, lift more weight, lose weight, look more attractive, etc. You know what I am about to say. Turn to Christian Science to glorify good. Then the body responds. It becomes more attractive, breaks though work out limits, eats in a balanced way, competes more effectively, needs less sleep, remembers more, etc. These are natural by-products. Go ahead and exercise and eat smart. But, don’t do it to be healthy. Do it because you are already healthy and it is your right to reflect harmony (health) in you concept of body. If there is no matter then your body is not material. Spiritualize your concept of body. Change your viewpoint about it. Then you will reflect grace.

If, instead, you are taken in by the mesmerism that says you need to be thinner, taller, sexier, better looking, and so on you are on your own. Christian Science will be of little help. Why? Because you are starting with a lie. You are claiming something about yourself that is not true and never has been true.
In the textbook on page 453 is the following sentence: Honesty is spiritual power. Dishonesty is human weakness, which forfeits divine help.

Don’t start your treatments from a dishonest position. Declare the truth about yourself and stick to it. Your “daily good” is a gift you bring to your friends, family and society in general. Make sure your gift is honest and pure.

Ret 86:15 There should be no blot on the escutcheon of our Christliness when we offer our gift upon the altar.

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