Unto us a child is born...

Notes and References, 12/3/00
Unto to us a child is born…

Recalling the past few weeks, we have discussed keeping your thought on the spiritual ideal. We discussed your trying to lift a conversation higher by identifying some quality of good in the human character of the person you are talking to. We talked about seeing the masterpiece covered by the lesser painting. We discussed the Scientific translation of Immortal Mind vs the Translation of mortal mind and how starting from the human problem and trying to work toward a spiritual answer is the most inefficient and ineffective way of solving a problem. The right way is to start with God and then move to His image to find the perfection in your experience. Don’t waste time with the human description. Go right to the spiritual ideal. Don’t start with the problem…start with God! In our textbook on page 129:22-24 we read:
“We must look deep into realism instead of accepting only the outward sense of things.” That is the spiritual ideal or Christ-ideal rather than yours or another’s corporeality.

Given that short review can you define the word accretion? It has special application to this discussion.

Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion; (S&H 68:27-2)
Webster’s New World: n. 1. growth in size. 2. a growing together of parts normally separate.
3. accumulated matter.

S&H 68:27-2: Christian Science presents unfoldment, not accretion; it manifests no material growth from molecule to mind, but an impartation of the divine Mind to man and the universe. Proportionately as human generation ceases, the unbroken links of eternal, harmonious being will be spiritually discerned; and man, not of the earth earthly but coexistent with God, will appear.

There simply is no there, there when you start with matter and try to get to a spiritual goal. Calculus is a good example of this. You can understand an infinite string of negative numbers. Just add the next negative number. You can do the same thing with positive numbers and keep adding one more number. But there is third explanation of infinity in calculus. It is the infinite division between two numbers. You can always find a number I between any two numbers. That is the infinite unfoldment of the moment. You can do the same thing with your moments. Instead of accumulated matter try taking a particular moment to a higher level. It might be in a relationship, during an exam or right in the middle of a conversation. It might even be during the birth of your child.

When we focus on the identification of the Christ we are, in fact, purifying our thought and it is this level of thinking that makes healing possible. Look at this citation from Mis 4:1-3: “Thought imbued with purity, Truth, and Love, instructed in the Science of metaphysical healing, is the most potent and desirable remedial agent on the earth.”

What does all this have to do with Christmas? It was in the purest atmosphere of thought that the Christ child was born. When you learn that you or your spouse is expecting a child how will you approach the pregnancy and the birth? After the birth what will be the first questions you ask? Mrs. Eddy asked those same questions but answered them with reference to the Christ ideal or Christ Science. The Q&A’s are located in Mis 166:10-15 and Mis 167:1-2 np

And what of this child? — "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder."
This child, or spiritual idea, has evolved a more ready ear for the overture of angels and the scientific understanding of Truth and Love.

The material questions at this age on the reappearing of the infantile thought of God's man, are after the manner of a mother in the flesh, though their answers pertain to the spiritual idea, as in Christian Science: —

Is he deformed?
He is wholly symmetrical; the one altogether lovely.

Is the babe a son, or daughter?
Both son and daughter: even the compound idea of all that resembles God.

How much does he weigh?
His substance outweighs the material world.

How old is he?
Of his days there is no beginning and no ending.

What is his name?
Christ Science.

Who are his parents, brothers, and sisters?
His Father and Mother are divine Life, Truth, and Love; and they who do the will of his Father are his brethren.

Is he heir to an estate?
"The government shall be upon his shoulder!" He has dominion over the whole earth; and in admiration of his origin, he exclaims, "I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes!"

Is he wonderful?
His works thus prove him. He giveth power, peace, and holiness; he exalteth the lowly; he giveth liberty to the captive, health to the sick, salvation from sin to the sinner — and overcometh the world!

The Christmas story and Mrs. Eddy’s explanation of the birth gives us all specific guidance as to her method of obstetrics. The textbook reads on page 463:5-13:
Teacher and student should also be familiar with the obstetrics taught by this Science. To attend properly the birth of the new child, or divine idea, you should so detach mortal thought from its material conceptions, that the birth will be natural and safe. Though gathering new energy, this idea cannot injure its useful surroundings in the travail of spiritual birth. A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive.

You may think you are too young to be worry about you children’s birth but you are not. Now is the time to realize their perfection. You do not measure progress by step by step growth in matter. That would be the wrong way to approach relationships and parenthood. That’s accretion. Instead start with the mature ideal, already perfect and complete, never born and never to die. When that time comes, retain a practitioner and see that practitioner as often as you see the doctor. A Christian Science birth is a beautiful experience and can be experienced with minimal pain and a short labor. One word of advice though. When you are married and make a choice to use a method of birth control do not depend on the pill. You will have a more difficult time taking a stand on a drug free, natural birth if you have been depending on a drug to regulate the body prior to that.

Anyway, back to Christmas. This season celebrate Christmas by making every effort to see the perfection of the Christ in everyone.

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